I purchased Blackbird Media inventory and I have questions:


Can I have your W-9?

Please contact your sales rep to receive a copy of our W-9.


How will I be billed?

You will be billed electronically on the first day of your flight.  We use Quickbooks to send invoices. Invoices contain payment instructions.

How do I update my billing information?

Update your billing information by contacting your sales representative.


Can y’all send me another copy of my invoice?

Of course! Shoot your sales rep an email and we’ll send another copy your way.  If you have multiple unpaid invoices, please include some distinguishing details about the invoice you’re requesting (invoice number, flight dates, etc).


How do I pay my invoice?

Payment methods and remittance instructions are outlined on your invoice, which is sent via email on the first day of your advertising flight.


Can Blackbird Media store my vinyl/trivision ad for me after my flight is over?

Blackbird Media disposes of vinyls and trivisions at the end of your flight by default.  If you would like to store your vinyl or have it shipped elsewhere, please notify your sales representative at least 30 days prior to the end of your flight.  Contact a sales representative for shipping and storage quotes.

I’m designing creative and I have questions:


You can find specs for The Nashville Sign here:

The Nashville Sign

You can find specs for our digital boards here:

TN08B, TN09A, TN09B, TN10A, TN10B, TN11A, TN11B, TN17B, TN19B

You can find specs for our static billboards here:

TN01B, TN08A, TN18B, TN22A, TN24A, TNS01B

You can find specs for our trivision billboards here:

TN02A, TN02B, TN13B, TN23A, TN23B, TN24B

You can find specs for our wrapped trivision billboards here:

TN01A, TN03A, TN03B, TN04A, TN04B, TN05A, TN04B, TN05B, TN06A, TN06B, TN07B, TN13A, TN14B, TN15A, TN15B, TN16A, TN16B, TN18A, TN21A, TN21B, TN22B


What is bleed?

Static billboards require that you create your graphic slightly larger than the physical billboard in the event there’s some error in the trimming, pocket making, or posting processes.  Most billboards require 6 inches of bleed on all sides, however some of our static billboards are wrapped TriVisions and require additional bleed. Please be sure to refer to the Spec Sheet that corresponds with the board you’re designing.

What isn’t allowed?

All artwork is subject to the approval of Blackbird Media to ensure high-quality design and that creative meets community standards and guidelines.  If you’re not confident your creative will meet these guidelines, please speak with your sales representative before submitting your graphic.

Can Blackbird Media design my creative?

No, but we know a guy.  Please reach out to your sales rep and discuss the scope of your needs and we’ll see if we can find you a good fit.

There’s a billboard on my property and I have questions:

I would like to put a billboard on my property: