City: Nashville, TN 37211
Face ID: TNS01-B
Facing: West (CR)
Latitude/Longitude: 36.15438/-86.79268
Billboard Format: Static


This large format static is situated at the epicenter of the 13 lane intersection of Broadway, West End Avenue, and 16th Avenue. The sister of the iconic digital Nashville Sign, it is located directly behind it, appealing to east bound traffic. This massive static face dominates the heavily trafficked intersection as the Gateway to Downtown Nashville and the entrance to Music Row. Measuring 65 feet off the ground, the rear static face measures 34ft x 34ft and captures traffic headed east from the affluent neighborhoods of Midtown, West End/Richland, Belle Meade and Green Hills toward Downtown, The Gulch, and East Nashville. Most uniquely, the rear face is visible to traffic from both West End and Broadway as the two roads converge at the traffic stop directly in front of The Nashville Sign.